Facial Recognition in New York: the Good and the Bad

The Minority Report of Tom Cruise is based on the premise that, in the future, the police force will predict crimes before they even happen. This is all thanks to an interesting technology involving precogs, three young people believed to be gifted with precognition (hence the name), submerged in water. While the world is less likely to have precogs,

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Manufacturing Businesses and the Pandemic: Is This a Good Time to Start One?

When you hear the words “manufacturing business,” the first things that could come to mind include huge industrial buildings, industrial air compressors, retailers, global market, manufacturing processes, and big business deals. However, the pandemic has altered the manufacturing industry, which might also alter its definition. Instead of focusing on enhancing global deals, many manufacturing businesses

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The Heart of Digital: Best Ways to Manage Your Digital Business

Digital businesses are becoming the norm nowadays. More and more traditional companies are joining the digital business revolution because of the pandemic. More of these conventional businesses are changing their ways to adapt to the new world. Many of these traditional business owners find it hard to manage digital businesses. They realized that what they’ve

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Pandemic Management: How Technology Has Been Helping Businesses Thrive During the Pandemic

There is no denying that technology has played an important role in promoting development and shaping the future of our society. Technological advancements have helped most businesses to operate and thrive, especially during this challenging health crisis. But not all companies are lucky enough, as small enterprises have been closing down or resorting to financial

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Striking a Balance Between Traditional Tech and Digital Tech

The business world has been changing throughout the past few years. There are hundreds of companies and businesses that are competing for the same resources and market. Since many industries look for an advantage over their competitors, they’ll usually invest in their research and development to streamlining a business. In almost any business model, consistency

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Digital Transformation Is Necessary to Deal With Challenges on the Horizon

As we near the quarter mark of the 21st century, digital technology has seeped into almost every aspect of our lives. We’re surrounded by devices, giving them access to sensitive personal information almost without thinking. Even when you go offline, influences from the internet and social media may weigh heavily on your thoughts. The digital

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Facebook Hardware: Tapping Into The Smartwatch Market?

There’s no denying that Facebook is among the largest companies in the 21st century, and it’s a tech giant only rivaled by other greats like Apple. In fact, we’d go as far as to bet that you’ll have zero chance of finding anyone you know who hasn’t heard of them. Now, Facebook is famously known

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Business Technology and You: Why You Should Care

Regardless of what you do in life, it’s undeniable that technology affects us all. From basic conveniences such as cooking a meal to taking a bath, from something more complex such as traveling from country to country- we owe all of these to innovations and technology. But perhaps the one that benefits the most with

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Going Remote: The Benefits of Handling Your Office Staff Remotely

There’s been a lot going on with the effort to stand firm against COVID-19. Vaccines have recently been created to help against the virus. With this, there’s at least the encouragement that the end is within sight, although these vaccines have yet to be tested on their effectiveness. One of the many great things that

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Securing Data: Why Companies Should Be Careful of SQL Injections

The outbreak of a global pandemic disrupted the daily operations of many companies. Certain circumstances also prompted a major shift from the physical setting to the digital landscape. Many businesses were unprepared for this sudden change. Other companies, however, were already confident in their digital technology. They were more prepared to face the challenges that COVID-19 had brought

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