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Business Technology and You: Why You Should Care

Regardless of what you do in life, it’s undeniable that technology affects us all. From basic conveniences such as cooking a meal to taking a bath, from something more complex such as traveling from country to country- we owe all of these to innovations and technology. But perhaps the one that benefits the most with

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Going Remote: The Benefits of Handling Your Office Staff Remotely

There’s been a lot going on with the effort to stand firm against COVID-19. Vaccines have recently been created to help against the virus. With this, there’s at least the encouragement that the end is within sight, although these vaccines have yet to be tested on their effectiveness. One of the many great things that

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Securing Data: Why Companies Should Be Careful of SQL Injections

The outbreak of a global pandemic disrupted the daily operations of many companies. Certain circumstances also prompted a major shift from the physical setting to the digital landscape. Many businesses were unprepared for this sudden change. Other companies, however, were already confident in their digital technology. They were more prepared to face the challenges that COVID-19 had brought

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Digital Technology Trends in the Trade Industry

From the hunter-gatherer tribes of eons ago to the modern societies of today, people have always exchanged things with one another. The only difference is the ease and convenience in which they do it. It is due mostly to technological development. Currently, four digital technology trends in the trade industry are data protection, remote access, e-documentation,

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Must-Have Phone Programs for a Micro to Small Businesses

The convenience of having smartphones is not just limited to easier communication and sharing of lifestyles. It’s become an essential part of almost all daily transactions in our lives. From purchasing groceries to keeping tabs on children’s performance in school, you can do many things. As a micro or small business, programs for smartphones also

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Strategies for Tech Companies to Attract Top Talent

The tech industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the US labor market; and as is often the case with industries that experience fast growth, tech companies are grappling to fill their talent pools as tech positions outnumber the current human resources. North Kansas City is a prime example of this. The city has

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Innovative Technologies that Can Boost Business Following the Pandemic

Developments in technology have always enhanced the way people live their lives. It also allowed businesses to grow and thrive. Some innovative technologies are expected to give businesses the boost they need to bounce back from the setback they experienced due to the pandemic for a good part of 2020. Here are some innovative technologies

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How to Start a Business With Just a Desktop

It is now well understood that a good education, business experience, and boatloads of money are not crucial for starting the next big business. Anyone can become a successful entrepreneur if they have a thoughtful strategy and the will to succeed. Even a skilled computer technician can start a successful business with minimum capital if

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How Do You Effectively Track Customer Satisfaction in an Online Business?

When we want to ensure that we are serving our customers properly and professionally, we usually ask for constructive feedback on improving our business. One of the best ways of knowing how your product or your service is catering to your target market’s needs and wants is by effectively tracking the satisfaction of customers. Normally,

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Keeping Your Brand Afloat in a Volatile Market

Social isolation and travel restrictions have changed the lifestyles of most people. For this matter, consumption patterns and preferred products have also changed. Only after three months of the lockdowns, bankruptcy attorneys were in demand with businesses trying to salvage assets and capitals. Most of these businesses had been selling products and services anchored on lifestyles

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